Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

We went to Montgomery for Thanksgiving in Nov of 2016. We hadn't been down there for Thanksgiving in so long. We had a wonderful dinner at Mother and Lothar's house. Paul and I stayed with Bud and the kids with Mother. We did some shopping on Black Friday and had a wonderful time. We headed back to MO on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

That Sunday back in EP I had the kids pose with the neighbor's nativity scene. Thought they looked cute after church and wanted to get a few pix!

Mallory turned 12 on November 4th, 2016. On the Wednesday so I got her a pumpkin pie to celebrate with the Wed night gang. She loves pie better than cake!

Her birthday morning she got to use the "red plate" on her special day. We had a toast buffet.:)

Just before heading out to school on her birthday.

The annual "cake" pic. She's gotten her picture taken with the cake every year since her first birthday.

A little brother lovin'.

That night she had a bonfire and hayride. We had lots of kids here and they enjoyed hot dogs and nachos.

After the hayride they made smores and had cake.

I love this cute pic!

We're so proud of you Mallory. You love playing your flute in the band and playing on your ipad. You didn't have your phone during the birthday but finally got one that Christmas! You're a wonderful daughter who is witty, loves to read, is sensitive and smart. You are amazing.

A few more of the family...Christmas morning 2016