Sunday, December 29, 2013

Waiting for Santa

Mallory wanted to put out a bit more healthy of a snack for Santa this year. She chose some fruit and a piece of apple pie. Michael picked the egg nog for him and then wanted to give a little cup of it to our elf, Quickly.

I thought Mallory's note to Santa was so precious. Her daddy has told her the story of his brothers before Christmas opening up a present he got when he was a little boy and playing with it so much that they broke it. It was a football game with a magnetic surface where the players just basically scoot around the field. When he opened it on Christmas it was broken. So that is what she is asking Santa to leave for her daddy. So precious. Santa wrote her back saying he didn't have one with him this year but maybe next year!
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Kitchenaid Upgrade

I got this white Kitchenaid stand mixer in the early 90s. It's been really awesome and had nothing wrong with it but I was just wanting an upgrade. So, I got this new red Artisan one this year. It has more power to the motor and a bigger bowl with nicer handle but other than that there's not much difference. I was going to give the white one away but decided to save it for Mallory. The things just don't wear out and she'll be able to use it until she gets a newer one for say, maybe a wedding gift from her momma! It's also nice to have the extra bowl and attachments on hand!

Happy baking to me!
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Waiting for Oma

The kids sat at the front door looking out for Oma, Opa and Uncle Bud on Saturday. We had nine inches of rain here that day so they couldn't go out and play! 
They finally arrived and we've been enjoying them so much. 

Preschool Christmas Stars

I made these ornaments for the kids in our class this year. The kids painted them then I put the glitter around them. Next I had each student write their name on a piece of paper. I used that to recreate their name on the ornament. I thought it'd  be neat for the parents to have something to keep  that showed how they wrote their name at four years old. Then I decoupaged their pictures on the back. They came out pretty sweet I thought. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Yes Virginia

Mallory, Michael and I watched the sweet animated version of Yes Virginia when we were out on snow days last week. It is really heartwarming.  At the end they show where you can send your letter to Santa at any Macy's. Tuesday we decided to head up to Cape Girardeau as a remedy for our cabin fever. We shopped a bit, ate lunch at Chic fil a and went to see Frozen in 3d which we all absolutely loved. The kids want to see it again and I wouldn't mind either! 

We went to the mall and the kids wanted to see if they had the red mailbox at Macy's. Sure enough they did. I snapped a few pictures of them at the table. I actually teared up watching them jot out their notes to Santa. So precious and sweet. I love having little children who believe. It's just wonderful. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day!

Quickly, our elf, informed the kids we were staying home from school today. Ice is covering the branches and there's a light dusting of snow. Freezing rain is still coming down with more snow expected later in the day. So far so good on the electricity. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

We're all settled in for the projected ice storm coming our way. They tell us to expect significant icing. We're praying we don't lose power. The kids are "watching a movie before the power goes out"!

We have plenty of supplies on hand so are ready for whatever might come our way. 
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Our elf, Quickly, showed up Monday morning. Happy Christmas times with the kids. 
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm Thankful For...

That's the name of the little book Mallory made in a school this week. Her teacher told me hers was one of the best in the class. It's so precious. She drew all the pictures and lists the reasons she's thankful for the things or people on each page like "I'm thankful for school because it's where I learn." I love it because its a snapshot of my little girl at 9 years old in the 3rd grade. I love the occasional misspelled words like 'electriceity'. I'll save the little book and give it to her one day like my mother does with things of mine that she has kept. I'm sure she'll point out the little mistakes here and there but those are what make it so sweet. 

When I first saw Mallory's little thank you book it reminded me of a little book I had made when I was probably about her age. I got it to show Mallorythe  similarities. Inside it says By Tammy Claunch written in my little hand writing. Mine doesn't have the date but Mallory pointed out that she had put the date on hers. "I thought you'd like that," she said. I'm always telling them to put the date on things so when I look back ill know when they made them. 

Mallory's is the orange one. 

It's so cute to see how much we are alike at times. Paul says she's just like me. I found these pictures in my dad's things. I had posted them on this blog at one point and I guess he printed them out. Mallory is on the left and I'm in the picture on the right but it looks like the same girl. Even down to our little pooches as Paul pointed out:)

Mallory looks like me in quite a few of my child hood pictures but none as resounding as this example. 

I miss her being little but it's really special seeing her grow. Last night she and I watched a movie together in her room and shared popcorn and I loved every minute of it. 

It's wonderful to have a little girl. I myself am thankful for her. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I love this sight

We just returned from the Scholastic Book Fair at Mallory's school.
Isn't this a nice sight to see?!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Party Pix

For some reason I cannot post the link the album I did of Mallory's party. So here are a few pix of the night to share!
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mallory's Birthday Morning

I had a few gifts for Mallory out on the morning of her birthday. With her party being a few days after her actual birthday, we still needed to make her day special! 
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