Monday, December 16, 2013

Yes Virginia

Mallory, Michael and I watched the sweet animated version of Yes Virginia when we were out on snow days last week. It is really heartwarming.  At the end they show where you can send your letter to Santa at any Macy's. Tuesday we decided to head up to Cape Girardeau as a remedy for our cabin fever. We shopped a bit, ate lunch at Chic fil a and went to see Frozen in 3d which we all absolutely loved. The kids want to see it again and I wouldn't mind either! 

We went to the mall and the kids wanted to see if they had the red mailbox at Macy's. Sure enough they did. I snapped a few pictures of them at the table. I actually teared up watching them jot out their notes to Santa. So precious and sweet. I love having little children who believe. It's just wonderful. 

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