Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cake Week

This past week I had three birthday cakes  (one was cupcakes) to do. Thankfully they were all due on different days so I was able to get them done. I really love making and decorating cakes but they do take so much time. I always feel guilty when I'm working on cakes and can't be attentive to the kids. I wish I could just stay home all day working on cakes and be available to the kids when they get home!

This was the first one I did. It was for a first birthday. I made the fondant for the decorative pieces and the rest was buttercream. 

I also made a smash cake for little Barrett. 

Mallory was sick on Tuesday, Paul's birthday, so while I was home with her I made Paul a chocolate cake for his 55th:)

I also had time to make these cake pops for our last cheer practice. 

On Thursday I made these hedgehog cupcakes for my teacher's daughter. She loves hedgehogs and even has one for a pet so Leslie asked me to do some hedgehog cupcakes:)

Then on Friday I made another birthday cake. 

It was a busy week in the kitchen. I'm glad it's over. It was a bit stressful! This week I'm making another smash cake for Barrett's one year pictures. Then next week I'll make Mallory's birthday cake but hopefully that's it for a while!!'

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Little Flag Football Player

Michael played flag football this year for the first time. He really seemed to enjoy it. Yesterday was the last game and it was a make up game so a couple of the players were missing. I'm not sure but I think we won. And the best part was that Michael got a couple of flags which he hadn't done before. So it was sweet. 

I've been coaching the red team cheerleaders for midget league football so it was fun when Michael got put on the red team for flag:)

I couldn't find Michael's team shirt yesterday. Who's surprised?

It was fun watching him play and learn. Paul was a big flag player in college and won the championship for intramurals three years in a row. 

We always encourage the kids to just have fun. In this case I'm sure Michael did!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cookout for the ages

We recently had a little bonfire and weenie roast for a few of the kids' friends. We had meant to do it as a back to school shindig but it never came together so this was the make up party. 

The weather had been cool all week but got hot toward the end of the week and was really too hot for the fire but kids were invited and hot dogs were purchased so we went ahead with it. We also had a few leftover fireworks from July 4th that we got to set off. 

To me what was kind of special about the night was the vast array of ages of kids we had. We literally had a 2nd grader thru a 9th grader there!
Here was the run down:
2nd grade: Michael
3rd grade: Evan
4th grade: Mallory, Makayla, Reagen
5th grade: Matthew
6th grade: Cooper
7th grade: Sydnie
8th grade: Jaylyn
9th grade: Cachet

And the cool thing was they all had a really good time together. Paul and I enjoyed it too. We made s'mores and played a few games and just hung out. It was a good night. 

Paul and I always want the kids to feel like they can have people over and we like being the place where kids from the church, etc can be comfortable having good clean fun. We're old but we can hang:)