Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gettin' Messy

Michael's birthday is June 7th and we're gearing up for a Messy Party. I had seen the idea on a blog I read last fall and thought that'd be a great party for Michael. You basically do lots of messy games with the kids and everyone gets totally messy. Then you hose them off and eat cake! Sounds perfect for a7 year old little boy!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


We've had a great time on vacation. Here we are at LuLu's in Gulf Shores. The kids wanted to do the climbing thing and had a great time. Paul did it with them. Mother, Lothar and I just sat and watched. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

School's Out for the Summer

We got out of school on the 13th. Yahoo! 

I let it slip up on me so I didn't get any special teacher gifts up like I usually do. So I decided to bake some cupcakes up for the kids' teachers. I had just read an article on five gifts teachers don't want. One of them was home baked goods. Oh well. Shopping is so limited in our little town so cupcakes it was. 

I did these little jar cupcake treats up for their CLAMP teachers. (Computer, library, art, music, PE)

Here's Michael with Miss Thomure on the last day of fest grade. 

Mallory wanted a friend to spend the night to celebrate the day we got out. It was really cold that next day. The kids went out and played a bit but came in wanting hot chocolate! 

Michael had his friend Maryn over on Wednesday afternoon to play. 

We're ready for a happy summer!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Duggars

Mallory and I had a wonderful Mother/Daughter day last Sunday. We had tickets to see the Duggar family that evening at a church in Cape Girardeau. After our worship service in EP we headed north. First stop, lunch at The Pasta House. Kids eat free on Sundays so that was nice. 

We had a good meal then went shopping at Goodwill and the Mall. 

Mallory got a new dress and wanted to wear it to see the Duggars so she changed in the dressing room. 

The doors opened at 5 for the 6 o'clock program and when we got there right at 5 the lines to get in we're pretty long. 

Mallory chose to sit in the chairs on the aisle so she could get up close. She was right at the front and I sat behind her. Great seats. 

The pastor introduced the Duggar family and they all filed in. 

They were so sweet and cute. We loved seeing them. The kids sang and played their violins etc then the parents spoke for a good long while. 

  Afterward Mallory asked if we could stay for the book signing so she could meet them. We bought their latest book Growing Up Duggar written by the four older girls. They family was all lined up down a long table and they each singed the greeted you as you went down the line. 

Michelle and Jim Bob were at the end and we were able to get our picture taken with them. They were so sweet. They are the real thing. I think it's great there's at least one clean show out there where good family values are esteemed. 

The best part of the day was getting to spend time with my precious gift Mallory. We had a wonderful time. I love her dearly. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Terri on Dr Oz

My good friend, Pastor's wife and Matron of Honor will be appearing on the Dr Oz show tomorrow, May 8th, with the doctor who changed her life after a recent health crisis. Terri posted this wonderful praise news recently on her facebook page:

In January of 2013 I developed a brain condition that caused severe facial spasms, slurred speech and a lot of uncertainty. I was home for 4 months except for Dr. apts. My vision was doubled, I could not drive or walk with out assistance. I was told I needed brain surgery to correct the problem. In a God moment we were led to neurologist Dr David Perlmutter in Naples Florida. He ran many tests and... found that I was highly gluten, sugar, dairy and soy sensitive. I have now been free of those things for 8 months and my spasms are now very very minimal and my sight is better than it has ever been, So good I no longer need contacts or readers. One of many other bonuses to all this, I have not had a single migraine, which I had been having regularly for years. I am so thankful to be starting 2014 feeling so well.
Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.
The Dr Oz show contacted her recently after Dr Perlmutter submitted her before and after videos showing the vast improvement she had made. They flew her up to NYC for a whirlwind trip to share her story on the show during a taping he was scheduled to appear on.
I can't wait to see it!


Friday, May 2, 2014

Peas and Carrots, Carrots and Peas .. And Potatoes

Our children's pastor, Pastor Dawn taught on things appearing as something they're not last week on Wed night. She was talking about how it appeared that Jesus was dead and it was all over but it really wasn't. 

She asked me to make some treats that looked like one thing but were actually something else. I had seen these on the net sometime ago. They turned out really cute. 

It was cute. When we went to show them to the kids we used pot holders like they were hot:)

Fun at the Dogwood Azalea Festival

Kids Had to Splash!

This is the lot next to our house.