Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Busy as a Bee

Last week was such a busy one for me craft wise! I'm so thankful for my crafty abilities and I really love to do things but last week I totally overcommitted! 

I made 16 bows for my cheer team. My co-coach's mom monogrammed the ribbon and I made the bows. They were fun to make and turned out really cute I thought. 

I also  sketched out the run thru for the first game for the girls to paint. It's said Dread the Red when it was finished. 

I also was asked to screen 4 shirts for a local police dept that they needed for a special event. 

Then I had a birthday cake to do. 

Another friend asked me to do some artwork on a canvas she had started for the library. 

This isn't even including two batches of stripes jello for the church kids' ministry kick off event, two cheer practices, mommy duties, a date with Paul, work, preparing a Sunday school lesson and our first ball game. Whew! What a week!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wrapping Up Gatlinburg


I thought I better wrap up our summer trip to Gatlinburg before it gets to be Christmas! We moved from the campground to in town for the last few days of the week. I found the neatest place to while searching tripadvisor and booked us a room at Marshall's Creek Rest Motel. It was near The Village and a very short walk right down to the strip. Each room had a little porch with chairs and a screen door on the room. I had to 'splain' to the kids what a screen door was:)
This was taken in The Village. I love that little shopping area. I hadn't been to Gatlinburg in many many years and it was just as I remembered it!

 We had to eat at Pancake Pantry on Saturday morning. The line wasn't too long and it's always worth the wait anyway.

We had fun just walking down the strip checking out the sights.

Michael spied an indoor putt putt place and was all over that. Of course mini golf places are everywhere but it was nice being inside for this one. It was super hot there in late July.
  We went to the aquarium which was great. I didn't get many good pix. Here's one of the kids petting some type of crab I think.
We went to Dollywood and to Dolly's water park, Splash Country, and thoroughly enjoyed both places. Michael was terrified of the water coaster at Splash Country and screamed the entire ride. Other than that no harm was done at either park!

More pix around town in Gatlinburg. There are all these campy haunted house type attractions and the kids were a bit fascinated by Stumpy at the Ripley's Haunted Adventure. We didn't go in the place but they liked seeing him scare people as they walked by on the street.

We visited the arts and crafts fair in the convention center that was going on while we were there. They had a neat place set up for the kids to do crafts while the parents shopped.

And of course we had to hit The Track in Pigeon Forge so the kids and Daddy could ride the Wild Woody which is their tradition. They've done it in Orange Beach at Branson as well.

 We all enjoyed the Smokies and the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. It reminded me of our Branson trip last summer. Very touristy with the taffy and fudge shops, mini-golf, go-karts, etc but hey, we were tourists so we loved it:)