Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hard Workin' Hubby

Paul is in the Dominican Republic on a missions trip. Nine from the church here joined several others for a week there to work on a Christian school building. The school is an outreach ministry of the Church of God in La Romana. Paul was there about a year ago working on the church building itself. A few of the team members have been sending me pictures. Apparently Paul is on concrete mixing duty. 

Paul has a real heart for missions. We hope our kids can start going on mission trips when they hit about 12. So good for them to see what's happening in God's church in countries other than our own. Mal said this morning she wanted to go. I'm hoping maybe Paul will drop the age 12 thing down a little and let her go next year:)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snowed In

A week ago today we had a big snow. Some measured 7-9 inches. That day was President's Day and we were already scheduled to be out of school. Mallory had had a friend spend the night that Sunday night so the kids and Maranda went out to play in the snow and it was all fun and games. 

We got the call that afternoon that there would be no school Tuesday. Christopher from next door came over that next day and the kids and Chris went out to build a snowman. 

Another call came that morning from the district superintendent saying no school Wednesday. Some friends of ours had taken a cruise last week and we were set to keep their son on Wed and Thurs nights after school. Evan went ahead and came over Wednesday morning. Mallory had had Tanner over Tuesday night. The kids basically stayed in Wednesday and played on iPads, the wii, etc

Thursday was cancelled also and was another day around the house. The boys got back in it outside for a while in the afternoon. 

Sure enough we got the call there would be no school Friday. The roads to town were ok so I took the kids up to the church to play in the family life center. Reagan and Will came to play and spend Friday night and Matthew came over from the parsonage to hang out a while also. 

When we got home Mallory wanted me to take her picture outside in the snow. 

Paul left Friday afternoon for the Dominican Republic with eight others from the church. They went to work on a Chrisitian school building next to the church where they have done work in the past. 

Evan's mom  and dad made it back from their cruise and picked him up that night. 

Saturday morning I made the kids pancakes then the Jarvis kids headed home around noon. 

The kids and I were going to head over to Sikeston to see the SpongeBob movie but heard the roads were bad. A lot of freezing rain had come in Friday night. We decided to not risk it so I made popcorn and we watched National Velvet starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney at home. It's a great old movie and the kids really enjoyed it. 

After hearing from a friend the road to Sikeston was fine we went on over to Wal Mart and Aldi and stocked up for the week and decided to see the movie Sunday. 

Sunday morning we had Sunday school and worship then went on up to Cape. We ate lunch at Steak n Shake. 

We made the 1:20 movie and all liked it a lot. I don't watch the tv show but still enjoyed the movie. After that I got a coffee at Starbucks and we picked up a couple more movies at a redbox. The kids picked Gods Not Dead and Heaven is for Real which really blessed this momma. We headed back to EP thinking we'd have to get to bed early for school the next day. 

Around 6:00 the call came..."due to road conditions there will be no school Monday". So here we are...home again. 

It's not that I mind being home. It's the make up days that are gonna be tough. We already bought our plane tickets for our west coast trip and are set to leave the Sunday after we get out of school in May. I'm sure that date will change but we can't change our trip so I'll have to miss work and the kids miss the last days of school. We're on our 5th day today and it's currently 16 outside so I don't see the snow melting and the roads getting better today. 

I'm working on the yearbook from home and trying to make the best of it. I started back up on my low carb diet yesterday. I'd been eating pretty bad while home for a week so I need to get back to my routine. I'm kind of used to the low carb thing and would like to lose about 5 more pounds. 

Happy snow week number two:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Michael's Ninjago Valentine Box

Michael asked for a special valentine box this year. He has only had simple paper covered ones in the past and I know that when he gets to the 3-6 grades school they won't get to do as many fun kiddie things so of course I wanted to make him something a bit fancier than usual. 

At first he wanted a gum ball machine one. We looked but couldn't find the clear bowl for the top. He saw a pic on line of a box designed to look like Loyd the green ninja from Ninjago. He liked it and wanted to go with that one. We got the stuff at Wal Mart and I made it for him when we got home. It turned out really cute I thought. 

Mallory's class doesn't get to bring boxes in. They will be decorating paper bags. She really wanted to make one bless her heart. We might whip something up just to have a little fun:)