Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Michael's Ninjago Valentine Box

Michael asked for a special valentine box this year. He has only had simple paper covered ones in the past and I know that when he gets to the 3-6 grades school they won't get to do as many fun kiddie things so of course I wanted to make him something a bit fancier than usual. 

At first he wanted a gum ball machine one. We looked but couldn't find the clear bowl for the top. He saw a pic on line of a box designed to look like Loyd the green ninja from Ninjago. He liked it and wanted to go with that one. We got the stuff at Wal Mart and I made it for him when we got home. It turned out really cute I thought. 

Mallory's class doesn't get to bring boxes in. They will be decorating paper bags. She really wanted to make one bless her heart. We might whip something up just to have a little fun:)

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