Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Girl's Best Date

Mallory and Paul went to their first Father/Daughter Dance a week ago at Melissa's Dance Studio in Sikeston. I had seen it mentioned on Facebook and called to to find out if it was only for dance students or if anyone could go. I asked Paul if he'd like to take Mallory and he said he would so he got the tickets and told Mallory he was going to take her to a dance. She was a litt apprehensive at first but got on board when I told her we'd get her a new party dress!

We found her a sweet little dress at Penney's and went about finding accessories to match. I got her little silver shoes in Frankfort for $7.00 and found a tiara, bracelet, purse and necklace at Wal Mart. I ordered a little wrist corsage for her daddy to give her and we were set. 

The day of the dance we were in Wal Mart again and I had them wash and blow dry her hair in the hair place in there. I don't know if they don't get asked to do that often or not because the gal just charged me $3 bucks! Totally worth it as Mal isn't the best at getting her hair clean and I often end up trying to wash it from outside the shower which is a mess. 

She didn't want her daddy to see her until she was all ready. She came out and he was waiting with her flower. She was so surprised as I'm sure she never would've thought of receiving a corsage. 

One last pic outside and they were off. 

They went to Applebbe's for dinner and then on to the dance. Paul took a few pictures while there on his phone. 

They had refreshments...

And crafts...

The decorations were sweet and the chair ties even matched Mallory's dress!

They played games like musical snowflakes (like musical chairs) which Mallory won and got a prize and other fun daddy/daughter games. They also showed them how to do a few different  dance steps. Paul said there were only about 20 people there but that it was a decent amount for the size of the studio. Sounds to me like they put a lot of work into hosting this special event. All afternoon that day there had been dances for the different  age groups of girls leading up to the 10 and up dance which they attended. I'm sure they'll go again as it was such a special, fun night for the two of them. 

Mallory came home so happy just telling us all about it. I'm so glad they went. I think it's so important for a girl to have a secure, loving relationship with her daddy. Paul is so good with Mallory.  I'm so thankful for that. He's a good dad. 

And I'm thankful and for having had a good relationship with my sweet daddy. 

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