Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wrapping up Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas season. So many great memories made. I'll highlight a few of our happenings here...

Mallory and I went to get manicures the day we got out of school for Christmas break. Mallory had had manicures before when she was younger but didn't remember it. She chose gold polish for herself and picked a nice red for me. 

We watched the Christmas parade in town on a cold Saturday morning with friends then went to McDonalds for lunch. 

Say cheese! We went over to Paducah for dinner and to see the lights at the city park there. We ate at Rafferty's which we really like. 
We also took a night to go to Cape Girardeau to eat out and look at lights. We went to Steak n Shake on that trip. 

Paul dropped us at Hobby Lobby a little before 8 and ran to pick up a couple of gifts for the kids. They closed at 8 so we made our purchases real quick but then had to exit the store. We were out in the dark and cold for nearly half an hour!

Our family attended the first annual tree lighting in town. It was drizzly which I believe kept the crowd away but it was a nice event. 

Our kids went caroling at our local nursing home and senior living apts where they had a good night of ministry. It was PJ Day at school that day and several of the kids including Michael hadn't changed:)

We had our church staff Christmas party at a local restaurant for breakfast this year. We had a small gift exchange and enjoyed the company two days before Christmas. 

The PKs!
The kids decorated gingerbread houses. We hadn't done this type in a few years. They seemed to enjoy it. I got the kits at Aldi. 

We did a birthday party for Jesus during our Sunday school hour on the Sunday before Christmas. We decorated cupcakes, lit a candle and sang and also made an ornament. We also used Mallory's nativity and read thru the Christmas story in Luke. 

 The kids both had solos in our kids' musical. Mallory played Mary and Michael sang a few lines to open the song Immanuel in "Isaiah Jones and the Lost Christmas Treasure". 

The church staff attended the district Christmas party at Cowtown in Bloomfield. Paul played Elvis and sang Blue Christmas. He was a good sport. 

Michael picked a funny place to write his letter to Santa. 

He also performed with the second grade class in their Christmas program which was held at the church. 

We ran into Santa at Wal Mart one afternoon so took a minute to sit and chat with him. 

Emmy and Lyndi came over for our 4th annual ornament painting party. 

We watched a lot of Christmas movies on tv. Paul always took care of recording what was coming on so we could enjoy them at any given time. 

My family came in for Christmas and I have quite a few pix from their visit so I will do a follow up post on that. 

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