Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Busy as a Bee

Last week was such a busy one for me craft wise! I'm so thankful for my crafty abilities and I really love to do things but last week I totally overcommitted! 

I made 16 bows for my cheer team. My co-coach's mom monogrammed the ribbon and I made the bows. They were fun to make and turned out really cute I thought. 

I also  sketched out the run thru for the first game for the girls to paint. It's said Dread the Red when it was finished. 

I also was asked to screen 4 shirts for a local police dept that they needed for a special event. 

Then I had a birthday cake to do. 

Another friend asked me to do some artwork on a canvas she had started for the library. 

This isn't even including two batches of stripes jello for the church kids' ministry kick off event, two cheer practices, mommy duties, a date with Paul, work, preparing a Sunday school lesson and our first ball game. Whew! What a week!!!

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