Monday, May 12, 2014

The Duggars

Mallory and I had a wonderful Mother/Daughter day last Sunday. We had tickets to see the Duggar family that evening at a church in Cape Girardeau. After our worship service in EP we headed north. First stop, lunch at The Pasta House. Kids eat free on Sundays so that was nice. 

We had a good meal then went shopping at Goodwill and the Mall. 

Mallory got a new dress and wanted to wear it to see the Duggars so she changed in the dressing room. 

The doors opened at 5 for the 6 o'clock program and when we got there right at 5 the lines to get in we're pretty long. 

Mallory chose to sit in the chairs on the aisle so she could get up close. She was right at the front and I sat behind her. Great seats. 

The pastor introduced the Duggar family and they all filed in. 

They were so sweet and cute. We loved seeing them. The kids sang and played their violins etc then the parents spoke for a good long while. 

  Afterward Mallory asked if we could stay for the book signing so she could meet them. We bought their latest book Growing Up Duggar written by the four older girls. They family was all lined up down a long table and they each singed the greeted you as you went down the line. 

Michelle and Jim Bob were at the end and we were able to get our picture taken with them. They were so sweet. They are the real thing. I think it's great there's at least one clean show out there where good family values are esteemed. 

The best part of the day was getting to spend time with my precious gift Mallory. We had a wonderful time. I love her dearly. 

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