Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hanging out in Hayneville

Our family is down in Alabama for a little vacation and my father's wedding. We're staying the first part of the trip in Hayneville, a small town in Lowndes county, south of Montgomery. My aunt's house is a lot of fun with people everywhere, sleeping on couches, floors, chairs and last night our family was in a room with twin beds. Mallory fell in the crack between the bed and the wall while she was sleeping. (we then pushed the bed against the wall when Paul got in bed with her, not sure why we hadn't thought of that before!) Michael had a bad night and I had to get him out of his pack n play. He was sleeping with me in the other twin and fell out of the bed in the night! Tonight we're moving in to another room with a bigger bed! Tomorrow's the wedding and Mallory's first stint as a flower girl!

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