Friday, June 5, 2009


Paul has been wanting a set of encycopedias since April when we visited two of his sisters who each had a set in their living rooms. Today I was at a yard sale and was browsing thru some books when I saw a piece of notebook paper that had "Complete set of encyclopedias plus several annuals-Free. Will deliver to your house." I asked the lady if that was true and she said they have tried to sell them in the past but no one wants them with the internet. I told her my husband was old fashioned that way and would love to have them. So I gave her my address and took the first volume and left. I called Paul and he was so excited. Said the Lord gave him a set of encyclopedias and then he had me go back and get them! Guess he was afraid they might lose our name or something! I loaded them up and took them straight to the church. He has some nice shelves in his office and we don't have room for all those books here! (these photos are not the actual set but they look like them)

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