Sunday, September 20, 2009

Taco Belle

It was the summer of 1986. Some friends and I were spending the summer in Colorado Springs and I had to get a job. I didn't need much money, enough to pay the rent and have some spending money. One of my roommates was already working at a really neat resort hotel called The Broadmoor and I just knew I could get a job there. Didn't work out. I tried other places but no luck. My mother said, "there's always Taco Bell" knowing there was one in the vicinity of where we lived. I shrieked in horror, "I will NEVER work at Taco Bell!" I had to get a job and time was running out. Keep in mind I had no car after having flown out there for my short stay. Witness photo below. Taco Bell hired me to work the day shift and that summer I was the best drive thru girl they had ever seen. I was always so chipper, "Thank you very much and please drive forward!" said with my Alabama accent that people always thought was from Texas. I ended up buying a three speed bike from a high school band yard sale and I drove that thing all over the Springs and to work every day. What a sight I must have been. That was my only ever stint at fast food. One thing I remember doing was slicing black olives one at a time. It was a great time, everything but putting my very long hair up in a hair net every day. I found this photo when going thru some old things yesterday and had written on the back "gross picture." Says it all.
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