Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snaggle Tooth Matte

Yesterday Michael broke one of his caps. It had been over a year since he got them and I thought that was pretty good considering how active he is. I had just changed his diaper and he wanted to get in his crib, which he never sleeps in so it is kind of a novelty and all that. Well, I left him to go wash my hands and he apparently didn't like being left alone. He was trying to get out and came down on the side of the crib on his mouth and there went the tooth. We called and dentist and got him right in. They were so terrific, fixed it in no time AND there was no charge! Yea! I just knew it would be hundreds of dollars. Thank you Dr. Wendy!! It was kind of funny because I had him in this plaid shirt and overalls and when he broke his tooth he was a real sight! Hey, no Kentucky comments please!

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