Monday, December 7, 2009

My favorite thing so far...

The Franklin County Extension office put on a shopping event just for kids this past Saturday. It was the cutest thing ever. Everything for sale was priced from 25 cents to $3.00. Parents weren't allowed in the shopping area. Instead, kids were taken around by teenagers with their shopping lists in tow. The girls helped Mallory pay for the things she picked out for Grandaddy and Grandma June, Oma and Opa, Uncle Bud, etc. All items were hand made by these homemaker groups from around the county. It was just so cute. Mallory did great choosing gifts for everyone. Michael sort of just walked around with his little guide and played peek a boo around the columns in the room. There was a parents' waiting area with coffee, muffins, juice, etc. After the kids shopped they got to talk with Santa and Mrs. Claus who had a gift for them. In the brown paper bags were apples, oranges and raisins...old fashioned treats. I loved this event and will go every year that my kids qualify!

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