Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bridesmaids Revisited

When we were on our trip I got to see 7 of my bridesmaids. It's great to touch base when we can.

Kelly drove up from Pensacola to hang out and spend some time with our family. Kelly and I met in Kansas City during our first Darryl's opening as corporate trainers back in January of 1990 and have been friends for 20 years!

Terri was my pastor and boss's wife and was my matron of honor. She is waiting to get the call to head to FL for the birth of her sixth grandchild! People sometimes got us mixed up when I was Pastor Rippy's secretary.

My friend Ronda, pictured fourth from left, and I met at a Bible study way back in the late 90s I think. Then yea for me she married my cousin Jason so now we're family too! Ronda and Jason hosted a cookout for us so we could invite friends and see a lot of people at one time. Marylynn is on the far left. We met when I dated her brother. He and I didn't work out but she and I have been friends for over 10 years! Cindy(in the pink) and I went to high school together and were cheerleaders together my senior and her sophomore year. Jennifer, on the far right, and I met at Evangel way back when I can't remember! She went to culinary school but now has a marketing company. I always used to introduce her as "my friend Jennifer the pastry chef". She made our wedding cake!
Jo Ann lives north of Nashville and I got to see her when we stopped thru on our way home. We met on a missions trip to Ecuador back in 02 I think. This picture with her son Joseph wasn't taken during our stop at her home in Gallatin:)
See if you can spot the girls here!
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