Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mallory's Ride Home

We decided to let Mallory ride the bus home from school and Monday was her first day. I never rode a school bus as there was never one zoned for where we lived. Paul never rode the bus because he lived practically across the street from the school in his hometown that was all the grades. So, this was a big deal for us to meet Mallory on her first day. The bus comes pretty early in the morning so Paul or I will still take her but she is literally the first person to get off on the ride home. I had picked her up last week and the bus would be right behind me so it just made sense.

Here are Paul and Michael waiting for the big arrival.

Where is Sissy?
Here she comes...
Turning on our street.
Coming up the hill.

Almost here...
The lights are on.
There's Mal. She sits on the first seat next to the window. The bus monitor sits next to her so she can't possibly get in any trouble!
Our girl.
Home at last!
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