Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Favorite Kid Christmas Event

We went to this last year and I just loved it. The Franklin Co Extension Office hosts this neat event for kids to shop for their family and friends. The homemakers group makes the items throughout the year that are for sale. Prices range from .25 to 3.00. The kids have to make a list and then are assigned a teenager to shop with them, no adults are allowed in the shopping room.

Mr and Mrs Claus are there to greet the kids. They give the kids a bag with an apple, orange and some raisins. My mother said they always used to get a bag at Christmas with fruit and orange slices in it when she was little.

Here's the room where the kids shop. I did manage to sneak a picture!

Here the kids are getting their gifts wrapped.

Miss Rachel was their helper.

Mallory showing some of her purchases, but not the one she got for Mommy:)

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