Sunday, August 26, 2012

Puppy from Heaven

So the kids have been wanting a dog for a long time. Paul taught them to pray about it and ask the Lord to lead them to the right dog. This past Thursday our principal heard a dog crying at the back door of the school building. She brought it into the office and gave it some water. The teacher I work with had been to the office to talk to Ms Heath about something and told me I needed to go see the dog in there. She told me how cute it was. I did and the ladies in the office said I could take him. I picked him up and walked next door to the church to show him to Paul. The pooch didn't have a collar and was all chopped up where someone had obviously taken a pair of scissors to his coat. He had fleas but not too bad. Paul was skeptical but said I could take him home and put him in the garage. Paul fed him when he went home
for lunch and let him out for a little while. I didn't tell the kids about him and they were totally surprised when I opened the garage (previous post).

We knew we would need to return him to his owner if someone surfaced so we checked the place at the local grocery where people post notices about lost dogs. Nothing was there for a couple of days so we took him to the vet and got him all checked out. The vet said he is some sort of terrier mix and is about 7 months old. He didn't have heart worms and he got all his shots. We'll have him fixed in three weeks. So far he's been wonderful. The kids love him and Paul and I are pretty smitten too. We really believe this is the Lord's answer to the kids' prayers:)

Here are a few more pix. Look at how he lies. Too funny. It's Super Dog!

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