Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of School-Fall 2013

The kids (and I) had a great first day of the new school year today. Mallory started 3rd grade at a new school across town, AJ Martin Elementary. Doyle where I work and where Mallory and Michael have been the past two years only goes through 2nd grade. Martin is 3rd-6th grades so Mallory will be there a couple of years before Michael joins her. Michael started 1st grade today. Hard to believe my babies are in these grades already!
 Our school district serves every child in the district free breakfast. For Doyle and Martin they eat in the class room. Since they do this and the kids like eating at school most days this is what we do. It really makes the getting ready in the morning routine run smoothly. All they really have to do is brush their teeth and hair and get dressed and they are ready to go.

Mallory and Michael both have Christian teachers again this year and we are so thankful for that! 
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