Friday, January 24, 2014

My Sardines Story

When I was in the 3rd grade my mom packed sardines in my lunch. I went to a small private school in Lownes County Alabama that didn't have a cafeteria. We ate lunch in our classrooms. When I pulled out the sardines and started eating everyone cried stinky. My teacher made me go outside by myself and eat. I still remember that and have told my kids the story. 

Mallory who is now in 3rd grade herself likes sardines. She actually loves them. Yesterday she asked me to
pack some in her lunch. I warned her that she could be made fun of. I asked her what she was going to say when people asked her what she had in her lunch. She said "I like 'em". So I packed the sardines. 

After school I asked her how it went. She said when she started eating them everyone was asking her what she was eating. They were grossed out. The teacher on duty came over and asked, "What's that smell?" She said the teacher moved the kids around her to another table. She said it made her feel bad. She said some kids ended up saying they liked them too. I asked her if she was ever going to take sardines again. She said no. 

Later on she told me when she has a little girl she's going to send her to school with sardines in the 3rd grade so she'll have her story. She said that will be three generations. 

I'm very proud Mallory had the guts to take sardines in her lunch. I told her she can just enjoy them at home from now on:)

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