Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Fairy Tea

Mallory attended a fairy tea at the Paul Sawyier Public Library on Saturday. We came up with a fairy costume using her dance class wear and she used the wings she got at a recent fairy birthday party. I braided her hair in a sweet little crown and we added some daffodils from our yard for the finishing touch. Mallory sat with Lucy, the daughter of one of my MOPS friends, Becky. There was special music, the presentation of all the fairies, dancing with some local ballet students and the perfect fare of grapes, a cheese stick and a little petit four. Plus pink lemonade in place of tea but I guess A Fairy Lemonade doesn't have the same ring. Afterwards the fairies paraded thru the library. Best of all, the entire event was free. I enjoy checking out the paper and seeing what's going on locally for the kids to participate in. The next day Mallory and Lucy were in the newspaper. Ahhh, small town living...

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