Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love this season

I usually don't post much here over the weekend but there have been so many fun, spring activities lately that I just have to share the cute pictures. These were taken the other day at Mallory's preschool class's Easter party. The class always has party snacks: chips, fruit, brownies, a veggie tray, cookies and juice. We can only bring in commercially prepared stuff for their parties and you know that kills me because I would love to be whipping up some fun baked goods for their events. However, the teacher's don't mind if I bring them some homemade goodies from time to time so I enjoy taking them cookies, banana bread, etc from time to time. Back to the party, after the snacks, the kids perform their little songs and poems for the mommies and daddies and grandparents who might be there. Then, they usually give us a card they have made for the occasion. This time we all went outside in the sweet little courtyard of the church and the kids had an egg hunt. It was a really great party and the weather was perfect!

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