Sunday, April 26, 2009

Matte Family Reunion '09

The Kentucky Mattes
These are all six of the girl grandchildren, DeDe, Bridget, Christie, Katy, Tracy and Mallory.
Paul and his siblings, Doreen, Fred, Bruce, John, Mary, Annette and Joey.
The grandkids and great grandkids in attendance.
Mallory and Michael and their (big) first cousins. Seventeen were there throughout the day, pretty good out of twenty-one.

Weeeee! Down the slide with Kelsey.

All Paul's siblings get together once a year for a family reunion in their hometown of Oberlin, Louisiana. There are eight kids of Joseph and Josephine Matte (now deceased), 21 grandkids (Mallory and Michael being the last two, numbers 20 and 21...hence the meaning of their shirts) and a whole heap of great grandkids, the number of which everyone has lost count! There are well over 20 and it might be closer to 30! We had a great day at Paul's sister Doreen's house, where the kids played on the trampoline, a rented fun jump and a swingset while the grown ups just sat around visiting and eating of course!

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