Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepover, Spend the NIght, Slumber Party?

Mallory went to her first spend the night party a couple of weeks ago. Her friend Greta's birthday is New Year's Eve so it was a perfect night for Greta to have her party. Mallory was excited to go and she called it a sleepover. I kept calling it a spend the night party and Daddy called it a slumber party. Whatever the name, it was a perfect first one for Mallory. She and Greta have been friends since they were one and two years old. Greta's mom Tara is a good friend of mine so I trusted her completely. From the looks of things, they had a wonderful time. Tara said they all four slept on one air mattress. Greta is the little beauty with the red hair. She is now 6!

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