Friday, March 12, 2010

Mallory's Last Hurrah

We had our last Upward Cheerleading basketball game last week. It was a really fun experience for me as Mallory's coach. She would call me Coach Tammy when we were at practice and the games, it was cute.

Home from the Awards Ceremony night.

I made treat bags for the girls, then the parents all brought stuff to put in them for the last game.

I had done these little necklaces for soccer and they happened to have wooden basketballs at Wal Mart so I did these for the girls too.

Mallory after the last game.
On the side of the court where we cheered.

Coach Kristi and I with the squad.
Before the games all the players and cheerleaders would meet at center court for prayer.

Practicing before the game.
At one point Mallory told me her favorite part of cheerleading was playing on this thing.
Cookies for the girls.

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