Friday, September 17, 2010

The Hayneville Pool...then and now

We grew up going to the pool in Hayneville AL every summer. We loved it and have the best memories from those times. Our grandmother, Memmette, would take us and "watch" us while sitting in those old fashioned metal chairs that sort of rocked back and forth. Bud and I would play various games with our cousins and the other kids like Marco Polo. We'd go down the slides and dive off the diving board. It was so much fun. The pool is still up and running and this summer I got to take the kids there while we were staying with my Aunt Carole. Here are some fun pictures from 40 years ago compared to now. Overprotective parent note: My brother and I were younger (4 and 2) than Mallory and Michael (5 and 3) at the time and we didn't have on any flotation devices but M and M are decked out in their floatie swimsuits! My mom and dad were 29 and 31 and Paul and I 44 and 50...hmmm? It's a wonder we all survived back then without car seats and water wings!

Me in 1970
Mallory in 2010
My brother, now Uncle Bud, in 1970
Michael in 2010
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