Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Next stop...

We went to one of the malls in Louisville and just had some fun walking around.

Michael climbed in to one of the display beds at Pottery Barn Kids when I wasn't looking. He was so cute I had to snap a picture. Then I made him get out:)
Uncle Bud took the kids in the Apple store while I was looking around the Gap. I came in to see them playing at these computers. Very smart set up, Apple.
Then while Bud and I had a coffee at Starbucks the kids got a little too close to the fountain.

A security guard came over and asked me to keep them from touching the water. Then he gave them these nice stickers.
After that we went to the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen for a little treat. Everyone got ice cream but me. I tried the strawberry cupcake. They keep them in a cooler so it was too cold for me but good. I like my cake at room temp.
These little kids' tables are too cute.
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