Thursday, May 19, 2011

Twenty and Tired!

So there's something I have been doing that I haven't mentioned on this to walk a marathon. I did two marathons ten years ago. I had always wanted to do another one and this time was just right. Today I walked 20 miles, the longest walk I will need to do before the big event on June 11. I have been keeping up with my training on another blog. Here it is if you are interested!
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  1. Congrats Tammy!! This is awesome. Jonathan and I ran our first ever half marathon on April 30 and it was really fun to train for that together. We posted a bunch of stuff on Facebook, but I'll email your my tumblr blog if you want to see pictures from it.

    Good luck on the big day! We actually have plans to hang out with Kathleen & Ginny on the 11th. You should let us know how it goes!!

    - Mary