Monday, June 13, 2011

Hatfield McCoy Marathon-I made it!

I walked my third marathon this past Saturday with a time of 6:04. This wasn't as good as my second one (5:39) but was better than my first (6:12) when I was only 35! I was really happy to finish and thankful to have made it. It's a really great feeling of accomplishment to do these marathons. I might even do another one some day. The training is grueling and of course during the thing you are so exhausted but it's worth it. The weather plays a huge factor in things. My 5:39 time was at the Memphis marathon during the month of December-way cooler. My first half of this one I did in 2:49 and it was much cooler than the second half. We had a great time in West Virginia. The people were great and the race was well done. The race takes place on the WV/KY state line and is a very interesting course. I highly recommend it. It's a small marathon, only 500 total participants between the full and the half so you are really made to feel special and not just one of thousands like in the big city marathons. I put together an album of our trip. Click here to see more pix from the marathon and our little side trip to Camden Park on the way.

I came in 182nd out of 237. Here are the race results.
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