Friday, January 6, 2012

EP Church Building Photos

I got these off the church Facebook page for a photo gift I did for someone for Christmas but thought I would share them here for anyone interested.

This is the front entrance to the sanctuary although there are a handful of different ways you can enter the building. I miss having just the one entrance we had at Frankfort. You could literally stand at the front door and see every person entering and exiting! Here you really don't know if you have seen who's there so you can't say, "missed you last Sunday" with much certainty!
If you look just to the left you can see the school where the kids go and I work. Mallory's class is right there and Paul's office window is directly across from her door.

This is the coffee room where people gather just before Sunday school to visit.

This is one of the Sunday School rooms.

This is the prayer room.

These two lots are across from the front entrance and the church owns them as well. There used to be a tabernacle on the slab you can see where camp meetings were held years ago.

What's not pictured is the Family Life Center which is a nice gym/kitchen where lots of events in the community take place. Also not pictured is the old sanctuary building which was built in the early 40s. It's a beautiful building but is in need a much repair. I love the wood floors it has and the little gas heaters in each class room.
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