Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Superior Girl

Mallory participated in her first piano festival this past weekend. The National Federation of Music Clubs puts on these events where students perform in front of a judge and are rated for their performance. They are kind of serious-no cameras or video, only one person can go in the room with the student, they have to introduce their pieces, etc. We didn't know what to expect but the judge Mallory had was so nice. Since I couldn't take any pictures while she played I took a few at home...

Mallory wanted to wear the tiara that had been Grandma June's. June wore it when she married my dad both here in the states and in the New Zealand ceremony. My dad brought it to Mallory when he visited a few weeks ago.

This is Laurann. She is the daughter of the teacher I work with.

This is Mal with her piano teacher, Mrs. Kandi.

Mallory got superior ratings in both categories! She performed two solos and two hymns. She was so cute when she introduced her pieces, "Good Morning, my name is Mallory Matte. For my required piece I will play The Woodpecker Song by Bober and for my choice piece I will play The Circus by Glover/Stewart." Then she had to introduce her hymns in the same way. She played Deep and Wide and For the Beauty of the Earth.

Mallory and her fellow students, Laurann and Landry. Yea! It's over and we did well!
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