Friday, May 11, 2012

Mallory's Piano Recital

 Mallory had her first piano recital this year. She took piano last year in Frankfort but they didn't have a recital. It was actually held at the church so that was nice. Our good friends, Chris and Roseanna, from the Frankfort church were here for a visit that weekend and were very kind to stay that Sunday afternoon to attend the recital. It was nice for Mallory to have extra support there since we have no family here! She played six pieces and did a wonderful job. My dad sponsors her lessons as his mom did for my brother and me. She isn't big on practicing but for now I am going to make her because I wish my mom had made me! I took two years and quit and now I wish I could play. It's hard to tell a 7 year old "you're gonna wish you could play when you're 45".

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