Friday, May 4, 2012

School's Out for the Summer

Today is the last day of school here in East Prairie. It's my first last day as an asst teacher. Leslie and I received a few sweet gifts from some of our kids yesterday and I got all teary. She didn't. I commented that that was the difference between one year on the job for me and sixteen years for her.:)
I hadn't gotten the kids' teachers anything yet so was scrambling to come up with something. In years past when I wasn't working I had been all prepared with cute monogrammed gifts. It's such a different world as a working mom! I stopped by Dollar General and got these buckets and painted them last night. Michael has three teachers in his room (one is named Tammy). Mallory's teacher is getting married in two weeks so I put her new last name on hers. Mallory tells me she's a big Charlie Brown fan.

We had a great year...all three of us! Now it's three plus months off. Back to my old job til mid August:)

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  1. Adorable!!!!! You really need to open your own shop of cute personalized gifts! You are soooo creative!

    ~ Sonya