Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th and a prayer request

Paul rose his mower in the town Fourth of July parade on Wednesday. He had always wanted to do it and said it was a lot of fun!

On another note, my dad is in the hospital in New Zealand and is very sick. We were told it was dire and my brother got a ticket and was on his way when Daddy had a turn for the better! Praise the Lord! Bud still flew to NZ last night but it's under much better circumstances. Daddy has swelling in the brain which had led to him not being able to walk or talk. He has a lot of infection, shingles, myopathy, a little bit of early stages of Parkinson's etc. We were all so worried but after a wonderful outpouring of prayer he got better in one day!! Thank you Jesus! We are all supposed to go to Disney in a little over two weeks. Doesn't look like he will be going with us if we go at all. Will you pray for my dad if you think of him? Thank you!!!
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