Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

We're still in Alabama seeing my dad. He's been in the hospital the whole time. There still is no diagnosis so it's quite frustrating for all involved. We have had some bad days but The Lord has seen us through. All glory to Him.

On a lighter note we've enjoyed a few "fun" things. The kids and I went ice skating yesterday. Michael loved it. Mallory struggled and I didn't like it any more than when I skated on that same rink as a kid! We lasted 45 minutes.
The kids rode the carousel and got a treat and it was a good afternoon. While we were doing that Paul went to see Lincoln. Last night I got to see Les Mis and LOVED it!! It's long but I'd go again today if I could.

We plan to head back to EP tomorrow. I have to say after two weeks off from school, I'm really NOT ready to go back:)

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