Friday, May 17, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We went to our first Cardinals game yesterday. St Louis is about 2.5 hours north of EP so we left bright and early to give ourselves time to stop for Starbucks in Cape Girardeau then lunch in St Louis before going in to Busch Stadium for the 12:45 game. 

It was a bit overcast and drizzly as we were getting downtown and parking. But the sun came out bright and hot about the second inning and it was a perfect day for baseball. The Cards lost to the Mets but we had a great time. 

We tried to do the game on the cheap which happened until we wanted concessions! We got the tickets half price so 12.50 each. I got our Cards tee shirts at Goodwill (my friend Brooke ended up giving me a nice new one that I wore) and we ate lunch before heading in so that helped.  Of course we had to get the kids some treats so they got frozen lemonades and shared a 6.50 pretzel. How crazy is that?! Those things will be 10 bucks in a few years!! My regular diet coke was 5.50!! I did discover you can get a free courtesy cup of ice then fill it at the water fountain. 

We went to the wrong parking deck when we left and ended up taking a rickshaw ride to the right one. That was fun too. 

We hope to go to more games in the future!! Go Cards!

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