Thursday, July 18, 2013

I wanna soak up the sun

The kids' swim meet this past Saturday was held in Kennett MO. I had texted the parent who heads up the swim team to ask her the name if the place where they would be swimming so I could get the directions all sorted out. She wrote back "it's at the Sheryl Crow Aquatic Center". What?! Is she from there? I had no idea. Too fun. Apparently she donated a vast majority of the money to build the pool. An article I pulled up said she had been on the swim team growing up. Her family is all still there and I was told she visits often. Kennett is about an hour south of us here in East Prairie. I talked to one of the moms working the meet who said she went to school with Sheryl and that her husband had been in Sheryl's brother's wedding. We had a nice day there. All we wanted to do was have some fun. And we did. 

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