Monday, August 3, 2015

La Jolla Cove

I forgot to mention that when we left the San Diego Zoo and headed up to Carlsbad where Legoland is located we stopped by La Jolla Cove. I had been there years earlier with my dad one time and with my friend Talitha another. It was exactly as I had remembered it. So beautiful!! This was the kids' first and turned out to be only time to put their toes in the Pacific Ocean. (Our plan to hit the beach in Santa Monica were unfulfilled due to the chilly May temps).

First stop, we needed a treat and popped in a place for gelato, Italian ice cream. The kids had never had it. I, on the other hand, had it nearly every day on our honeymoon in Italy. Just ask Paul:)

We walked down these steps to the beach area.

There were lots of people around but this wasn't a beach where you would swim. As a matter of fact I believe there were No Swimming signs posted.

La Jolla is a beautiful beach community but it's mostly residential. There are some hotels but it's mostly a typcial California coastal town, well a ritzy one that is! 

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