Monday, August 3, 2015

Legoland the park...

So Legoland itself. In my last post I sang the Everything is Awesome praises about the Legoland Hotel so now I'll run down our day at the actual park...

We got to enter the park at 9:30 that morning since we were hotel guests. The day we were there the park actually opened to the public at 10:00 am. If you are planning a trip be sure to check the calendar and daily schedule as it changes from day to day.

There is a water park and also an aquairum at the Legoland California Resort but we only went to the park the day we were there.

I would say most of the rides at Legoland are geared to kids up to about age 10 or 12. But the theming is so great and the lego figures all over the park are so great that any lego fan would thoroughly enjoy a trip to the park.

 They have some hands on areas where kids can build things. Here the kids were building cars and then racing them against other kids' cars.

 Mallory and I got completely soaked on one of the water rides.

There is tons more to Legoland than these few pix I got. I guess I was more in to enjoying the park with my kids than taking photos!

 Legoland is completely worth a visit. There are always coupons available so don't pay full price. You can subscribe to a free lego magazine and there's a buy one ticket get one free coupon in there for example.
We loved Legoland and the Legoland Hotel!!!

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