Thursday, February 25, 2016

La Romana - part four...Wednesday

Today we started by doing a bucket brigade to get more rocks and sand up to the top floor. 

Hi Mallory!

John shoveled rocks and sand in to the buckets. Duke lifted them up to Paul thru the window. 

At the top of the stairs after they were emptied Hannah and Kelsey tossed them down and I picked them up and placed them to be filled again. 

At one of the breaks the kids played with hula hoops and jump ropes we had brought them. 

Finally it was lunch time. The ladies from the church prepare the meals each day. They have made such nice lunches for us       

Here Kelsey is going thru the line. 

Keith had some fun tying Michael to the gate with a jump rope. 

Everyone takes a break to eat. 

Paul got in a short nap. 

Lonnie found an empty classroom to nap in. The school kids leave at noon each day. 

Back to work and time to pour concrete again. 
 It was hot today. 

 Charlie our fearless leader. 

Quitting time. This is our bus to and from the church each day. It's nice and cool after a hot day at work. 

Back to the hotel for a cool off in the pool. 

The brothers checking their phones. 

This is a little peek at our room. 

Good night from Mallory and Michael!

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