Tuesday, February 23, 2016

La Romana - part two...Monday

Monday we got up, ate a nice breakfast at the hotel and headed for the work site at 830.

We had fun peeking in the windows of the classrooms. The children in the school are 4 years to 2nd grade. It was nice to see the sweet faces of school children smiling and happy. 

Here we're having a team meeting before getting started. This is the same area we had the worship service on Sunday. The area we are working on upstairs is the future sanctuary. 

The first thing we did was clean up the site. Us girls and the kids picked up nails and swept the floor. 

Our kids gave out chips for the kids' mid morning snack. 

Later we played ring around the rosy with one of the classes. 

After that we did a chain line up the stairs to haul rocks, cinder blocks and sand up to the top floor. That was really lots of fun. The comraderie was good and we laughed a lot while working. Here are Kathy and her granddaughter Kelsey on the stairs. 

As we were leaving I snapped a pic of this worker on the makeshift scaffolding. We sure take things like decent scaffolding for granted in the States. 

This was dinner last night. There's a nice buffet provided for dinner at 7 each night. Always on the buffet...rice and beans. 

 The food is good. We don't know what some of the food is but you can always find something to eat. That's a wrap on our first work day. 

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