Saturday, January 10, 2009

A scary night...

Last night we went to Lexington with our friends John, Tuyen and little Jon. It all started out great. We had pizza at Brooklyn Pizza on Man O War, really yummy pizza and highly recommended! Then we went to Fayette Mall so the kids could play in the play area there. John, Tuyen, Paul and I were all watching the three of them. We kept putting our eyes on them and then I guess we would talk a little because we looked up and Michael was GONE! We had just seen him crawling thru this big bottle and thought he was in there. When we checked again, no Michael. We went running down the mall and people were pointing down the way and saying "he's down there", etc. We found him WAY down the mall with people around him. It was so scary and awful to think of what could have happened to him. One lady chastised us saying, "You guys need to watch him better, I followed him a long way just watching to see what would happen." At first I was kind of offended but she was right.

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