Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Water soup anyone?

We had another snow day today but it was sort of that wet, icy, not real fun to play in snow so we stayed in all day. This morning we watched our Prince Caspian DVD, a Christmas gift we hadn't seen yet, and really enjoyed it. Rent it if you haven't seen it. I love all the symbolism, makes me proud. (guess pride isn't really a good thing but you know what I mean in this case) The kids got in the sink and played in the water a while making water soup as Mallory called it. If that doesn't sound too appetizing, Paul also made a gumbo which we will be enjoying tonight and for the next couple of days! MMMM good. We had some guys come by who wanted to shovel the driveway so we hired them. We still don't have a snow shovel, guess after three years here we should invest. Then Paul got out and put salt on the drive. Mallory has dance tonight. They never cancel. The show must go on. UPDATE: they did cancel dance tonight, that's how bad it is out there, they just never cancel so this is unusual.

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