Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Final Shot

Last week was Mallory's last Upward basketball game.

Here she is running out after being announced.
She got hit in the face with the ball during warm-ups. Daddy to the rescue.
Nice form.
Team huddle with Coach Dr. Farley.
Serious player.
Little brother gave big sis flowers at the end of the game.
Mallory and her friends Ella and Libby. They were Upward cheerleaders which is what Mallory did last year and what this former cheerleader mommy would have liked for her to do again. But, I had to let her do what she wanted to do. I may have major stage-mom tendencies but I know what's right!
Proud family/fans!

Next up: Y Soccer starting this month. Michael's going to play and it will be his first team sport or any sport for that matter! Can't wait to see him and the other Little Kickers running around the field.
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