Friday, March 4, 2011

Show and Tell Fail

Today I forgot to send something with Mallory for Show and Tell. This is bad, not only because she was the only one who didn't have anything but because this was the class's first day ever to have Show and Tell. Thankfully her friend Makena gave her a pencil to use. Here is the paper Mallory wrote about the her show and tell item. Translation under picture.

I brought a pencil. It is beautiful and I love it. And it writes. It's a very good pencil because Makena gave it to me. Mallory

Bless her heart.

Maybe my biggest fail of the day was sending her in this outfit...
Just kidding, they were supposed to wear wacky, mismatched clothes as part of the Dr. Seuss birthday week.

Mallory has already decided what she wants to take next Friday for Show and Tell. I'm going to write myself a big note so we won't forget again.
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