Friday, July 1, 2011

Mallory's Last Day of Kindergarten

It's been a month since Mallory got out of school but I still wanted to show these sweet pictures of her last day of Kindergarten. She wanted me to make her a shirt saying Goodbye Kindergarten so after she went to bed the night before I found this old blue shirt she had from a Mother's Day Out years ago. It was way too big then but was perfect now. It actually had a big red and white star design on the back so I went with those colors on the front. It says...

Good bye K
Hello 1st Grade
Thank you Mrs. Graves

Daddy took her to school almost every day of Kindergarten.

Little brother wants a hug goodbye.

Coming home on the bus.

Mr. Greg was a great bus driver!

Opa and Oma were here for the last day celebration. (they had flown in that morning for Michael's party that weekend)

Mallory's school didn't have a Kindergarten graduation but I still wanted to do something to celebrate, especially since Mother and Lothar would be here.

Mallory did so great in Kindergarten! We are super proud of her. She didn't know how to read when she started and at the end of the year she tested at a 5th grade reading level! Mrs. Graves said she is ready for 1st grade. Way to go Mal!
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