Sunday, August 21, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We went to a Montgomery Biscuits minor league baseball game when we were on vacation. The Biscuits are part of the Tampa Bay franchise. Mallory stayed at Oma's so we just had Michael and he had a big time.

This is Avery-Kayte, my friend Jennifer's daughter. Every time she and Michael are together I say they look like they could be siblings.

Cousin Eli came too! He's my friend Ronda and cousin Jason's son. He and Michael are only a couple of weeks apart.

The boys went exploring down near the dugout.

Big Mo always comes around to greet the fans.

Us moms and our babes.

Michael and Eli got Biscuits shirts from the Biscuit Basket souvenir store!
Don't ask me who won. I don't even know who they played. I didn't watch one at bat, was just there to visit with my friends!

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